By now you have heard the news that ESPN's flagship college football pregame show, College GameDay, is coming to Montana.  Next weekend, in particular, to Bozeman for the annual Cat/Griz game.

This marks not only the first time that the program has visited Montana, but any program in the Big Sky Conference.  This will be shining a spotlight on the 131st meeting between the University of Montana and Montana State on the gridiron and will undoubtedly be showcasing Montana's scenic splendor as the panel discusses the day's upcoming contests.  Each week, the panel features a different guest for their predictions segment and each week they feature someone from around the hosting area with ties to the game.  Sometimes it's a former player.  Sometimes it's a local celebrity or media personality.  We have a suggestion.  Here in Butte, our allegiances are divided like much of the state but if you're going to talk Montana football, one voice can be heard above all of the others.  Most of the time, well above the others. That voice belongs to former Montana Tech Head Coach Bob Green and there is a campaign to get him on as the guest panelist.  This is simply a fantastic idea.  If you are from Butte, there are probably a hundred reasons why you are agreeing.  But if you are asking, "Who in the name of Lee Corso is Bob Green?", well here is a little taste.

"Everything should fit together, and that's the way we have...I really feel like our team, at this point, is ready to go hit individuals from another institution of higher learning."

Coach Bob Green is a legend in the Mining City.  Partly because he took over a struggling, overlooked program and transformed it into a national contender during his tenure as the Orediggers Head Coach.  Partly because is a decorated Marine who proudly served his country during wartime.  He is an inspiration not only to those in his program, but to those who have served and may now be struggling.  But mostly it is the man's wit.  Bob Green's sense of humor is legendary in Butte and his interviews have garnered millions of views on YouTube.  Millions.

My question isn't why can't we get Bob Green on College GameDay this Saturday but why isn't Bob Green on the panel full time?  But first things first.  Let's work on this weekend.  Hit up College GameDay on Twitter and let them know that the self-proclaimed "geriatric coach" has plenty left in the tank for their show this Saturday.

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