Here in Montana, we are blessed with cities and towns that range from big to small. From picture-perfect downtowns to historic landmarks, you'll find something for everyone here in Montana.

You don't have to travel too far to find smiling faces here in Big Sky Country, however, according to one report, Montana is also home to one of the most miserable towns in America.

Before we get into all the details, let me just say that this is not my opinion so please don't shoot the messenger. I can't entirely agree with this; having spent time in this town, I find it a great place with friendly people.

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Still, the facts are the facts.

Let's be honest, if most of us were to guess we would either say Billings or Butte, however, neither of those towns is taking the most miserable town crown. Before we let you know which town is, let's look at the most dangerous towns in Montana.

The 7 Most Dangerous Towns In Montana

Based on information from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, these are the most dangerous towns in Montana according to population and the number of violent and property crimes.

Gallery Credit: Derek Wolf

Which Montana town made the list for one of the most miserable in the United States?

According to the travel site Travel Alot (who based their rankings on the U.S. Census Bureau) the most miserable town in Montana AND one of the most miserable towns in America is Great Falls, Montana.

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

Maybe you're thinking what makes Great Falls so bad? I know I was.

According to the website, there are a couple of factors involved. First, there's the poverty rate which comes in at 13.2 percent, a couple of points higher than the national average. However, the big factor is the crime rate. According to the data, the crime rate in Great Falls is much higher than the national average with 4 percent of the population having a chance to become a victim of crime.

Like I said, this isn't my opinion. Plus, 4 percent seems awful low compared to other cities and towns across the United States. Great Falls has lots going for it with affordable homes, great restaurants, and a social scene. Not to mention there are some fantastic museums to check out.

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