Even though I've called Montana home for several years, I accept that to many locals I'll never be one of them. Montanans take pride in their state and being from here is a big deal.

I bring this up because you'll hear many folks mention what "generation" of Montanan they are. I've been in several states over the years and Montana is the only place I've lived where that is a thing.

Heck, I even lived in Texas and we all know you don't get any more prideful than the Lonestar State and they don't even do that there.

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I suppose a lot of this comes from the fact that so many people have moved here over the last decade or so that the locals want you to know they're local. Especially when you consider that almost half of the state's population isn't from Montana.

To be fair, not all locals go there and for those that do, it's usually to make a point or complain about something.

All of this stems from a recent comment on "The Real Ask Bozeman" page where a 3rd generation Montanan was upset that there were no parking spaces at Hyalite Reservoir...on a weekend...on the hottest day of the year. This of course started a whole chain of reactions from folks saying how horrible Montana has become to others telling them to "suck it up" and move on.

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

The person commenting seems to reference the fact that as someone who was born and raised in the state, they might have more of a right to hang out in Montana's public place than a newcomer. This seems to happen on the regular. Folks get butt hurt and then go on social media and complain about why they're butt hurt. Those who agree come to their defense, those who don't post some funny memes and some inappropriate comments.

The question is, do they have a right to complain? Does having roots in a state or a community give you more of a say? Should someone who's lived their whole life someplace have a bigger voice or more of a right to do something than someone who hasn't?

I suppose that depends on who you ask. Whatever you think, chances are someone will disagree with you.

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