It's finally here! Corey Taylor's highly anticipated sophomore set, aptly titled CMF2, has arrived and Loudwire Nights wants to make sure you've got a special autographed vinyl copy of the new album as the latest offering from the Loudwire Record Club.

For this contest, there will be one grand prize winner who takes home the autographed CMF2 album, while four other contest entrants will receive standard vinyl copies of the new album. And what an album it is for Taylor.

As the singer told Loudwire earlier. this year, having already covered brutal metal with Slipknot and radio friendly rock with Stone Sour, he feels his solo career now comes with a blank slate free of expectations, which has been a freeing experience. "I feel like the confidence I got from making the first one and the fact that there was really no plan for it. I’ve written all the stuff but let’s see where it goes. That really gave me the confidence to go, 'Okay, let’s really lean into this now. Let’s see where we can go with this.' And that’s really where CMF2 came from," says Taylor.

He adds, "It’s still dipping my toes into all these different genres and pushing the boundaries but bringing in the elements that I’m known for as well and using them and incorporating them on songs that don’t necessarily lend themselves to that stuff. It’s just kind of playing around and meshing and creating exciting hybrids and seeing what people will think. It was a lot of fun to do and there’s just so much excitement and energy that came from when we were recording it that I knew that we were on the right path."

The record has already yielded the songs "Beyond," "Post Traumatic Blues," "Talk Sick" and "We Are the Rest," with plenty more standouts to dig into.

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You can check out more from Corey Taylor's visit with Loudwire Nights in the player below, but for now let's make sure you get entered for your chance to win.

Simply head to the bottom of this post and enter your details in the contest entry form. You don't want to wait as this contest will wrap on Tuesday (Sept. 19) at 10AM ET.

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