Mornings 6AM - 9AM

Brian and Chris Show

Rockin' Western Montana for ten years and going strong!

Middays 9AM - 2PM

Middays with Carin

Hello Butte!

Afternoons 2PM - 7PM

Tommy O

Hello Butte!

Nights 7PM - 12AM

Steve Gorman Rocks!

Saturday 2PM - 7PM

Saturday Afternoon

We are "Montana's Best Rock!"

Saturday 7PM - 9PM

The Chop Shop

Hello Butte!

Saturday 9PM - 12AM

Montana's Best Rock!

Hello Butte!

Sunday 9AM - 11AM

The Beatles

Hello Butte!

Sunday 11AM - 1PM

Rock Recall

Hello Butte!

Sunday 1PM - 5PM


Hello Butte!