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Hound Cross Female Spayed

10 Years Old

Well Miss Flossie has been in a few homes and she just hasn’t found the right one yet! She’s an old girl kinda set in her ways and that kind of stubbornness can wear a little thin on some folks! You see, Flossie is a digger and Not the Montana Tech kind! She’s also on the older side and can’t seem to hold her bladder as long as she used to! So our Flossie Girl needs a home where she can live out her days with someone that would be able to spend more time with her so she could get out more often and that wouldn’t care if she dug a hole or two! 

Do Not Trust with Cats

Gets along with submissive Dogs

Call the Animal Shelter to schedule a time to come meet this little sweetheart!

The Shelter is now open by appointment Tuesday through Saturday 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Please call Butte Animal Shelter at 406-497-6528 for more information.