We can all feel slightly pretentious at times, especially when everything is going our way and everyone’s boosting our ego.

Unquestionably, that applies to our favorite musicians, too, since they frequently spend every waking moment surrounded by immeasurable success and admiration. (After all, we call them “rock stars” for a reason, right?)

True, some of them – such as Jimi Hendrix and Neil Peart – were recognized for being quite modest, but just as many are more than happy to remind us of their importance and talent.

In the spirit of having a little fun – so please don’t take this list too seriously – we’ve rounded up 10 of the most pretentious things rock and metal artists have said.

Maybe their pridefulness is deserved and maybe it’s not. Either way, they prove that it’s never a bad thing to be humble.

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10 of the Most Pretentious Things Rock + Metal Artists Have Said

See why these celebrated musicians think so highly of themselves!

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