BUTTE, MT - We're gonna have fun with this one.

We here at the station have some exciting news for anyone and everyone who has even just a tiny amount of love and appreciation for music. If you're someone who really likes music? Then, my friend, you are in for an awesome treat.

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It's no secret that Montana has been growing steadily for a while, with the pandemic exponentially speeding up that rate to unprecedented levels. Pros and cons come with that, but one big pro that not many think about is the increase in willingness bigger, famous artists and bands (not to mention stand-up comedians) have to come out here to our neck of the woods to perform. I know I've had an absolute blast at the concerts for Zach Bryan, Flo Rida, and even the Butte-favorite Young Dubliners. That line-up definitely shows my age.

This year, however, is only getting bigger and better. Portugal. The Man, Vampire Weekend, P!nk, Luke Grimes, and Craig Morgan are all set to perform in 2024, along with a slew of indie bands and artists to quench anyone's thirst. However, there are two MASSIVE bands that we're humble enough to announce today that will surely make for one heck of an evening.

Any guesses on who they are? Let's drop some hints:

  1. You'll definitely need some hairspray.
  2. One band was formed in 1967 in Illinois, the other in 1962 in Australia.
  3. One of them was an actor, "The Six Million Dollar Man" among other credits.
  4. "I wish that I had..."
  5. "I just wanna keep on..."

You gotta have it by now, right?

We're excited to announce that REO Speedwagon and Rick Springfield will be taking their killer, prolific performances to the Brick Breeden Fieldhouse in Bozeman, Montana. They will performing for one night only on Saturday, October 26th.

That's right, the two heavyweights are going to bring the roof down at MSU's Brick Breeden, a huge venue with 8,455 seats—which will definitely be sold out.

WAIT! Don't leave just yet. We have one more thing we want to share with you: win 'em before you buy 'em. That's right, soon we will be announcing a ticket giveaway for the show for all of you classic music fans. Details are soon to follow, so make sure to stay updated through our station app and online here on the site!

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Who are you most excited for? I already know: both equally, right?

Here's their famous tracks for your pleasure:

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