Today is National Coffee Day, so let the caffeine buzz begin! Whether you like yours hot or cold with cream, milk, sugar, sweetener, honey, or black, coffee is ingrained in our everyday lives. Then with the realm of espressos, frappes, lattes, and more, the fascination goes deeper. We are creatures of habit. From the time we awake in the morning, coffee is a go-to beverage of choice. Sure, many prefer tea, decaf coffee (we forgive you), or even Mountain Dew in the morning, but today we honor coffee for its robust flavor and for maintaining trendsetter status for centuries. The All Japan Coffee Association established this day devoted to such an aromatic bean in 1983 and the United States by 2005.

So, how did coffee begin its existence? As described on the site, the National Day Calendar, the first accounts of coffee plants and the association of coffee drinks were evident in Sufi Monasteries near Yemen during the 15th Century. It is noted that monks roasted coffee seeds and brewed coffee, similar to the ways it's prepared today. By the 17th Century, stowaway seeds made their way to places like Mysore, Indonesia, and Europe, then to North America and South America not long after.

Brazil still produces more coffee than any other country, with Colombia second in line. An additional 50 countries across the world grow coffee, as well. The perfect aroma and flavor make all the difference when enjoying a delicious cup of joe (a variation of the word jamoke, a nickname for coffee or java and mocha in the 19th Century). It's interesting to imagine how tiny coffee beans contribute to a billion-dollar industry. The blend makes all the difference, plus the darker the roast and how it is brewed changes the coffee's body, too. Where a bean grows also affects its acidity level. The higher the elevation, the higher the quality and the acidity of coffee.

National Coffee Day is a great time to acknowledge the amazing cups of coffee we've all consumed and the downright lousy cups of java we've all stomached from time to time. With the amount of coffee consumed worldwide on a given day, every day should be National Coffee Day! So do it! Drink up and enjoy the perfect coffee concoction today at home, school, or work and during a quick stop at the store or your favorite coffee shop or bistro.


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