Everyone has some sort of ‘doodle’.

You’ve given some thought to a French Bulldog, but they are just so expensive, and again, they are showing up everywhere.

Nope, you want something different, a pet you can give a whimsical name (dictated by the name’s availability on Instagram), a pet you can make sweaters for, a pet that will make you whole.

You want a trash panda.

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Yup, we have all seen the adorable videos of domesticated raccoons gorging themselves on Cheerios, wrestling with dogs, and getting themselves into trouble. They are amazing to watch from afar, kind of like watching someone else’s child draw on themselves with a marker.

But Raccoons are not great pets, and that might be overselling it. Raccoons are incredibly smart, and bull-headed making training difficult, to say the least.

Raccoons (in the wild) can be found across Montana, they are nocturnal so you might not see them very often, but you can identify raccoon activity by their distinct footprint, and their ability to get to food anywhere. Raccoons are intelligent, inquisitive, and exceptional climbers. All good traits to get into garbage cans, bird feeders, or your pet’s food dish.

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But now the important part for Montana. It is illegal to possess a raccoon in the state of Montana. They carry rabies and other diseases that are harmful to humans and pets.

I know I’m sorry. I just squashed your dreams of Instagram fame. But, there is a silver lining. If it means that much to you, there are a few states where owning a raccoon is legal, the closest being Wyoming.

Yea, in Wyoming and Nebraska, it is legal to have a raccoon as a pet. I think it goes without saying that you can in Texas and Florida as well because EVERYTHING is legal in Texas and Florida.

If you are on the fence about moving out of Montana to own a Raccoon, but still want a new Instagram model… err, I mean pet. In Montana, you CAN have a two-toed sloth as a pet.

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No, really you can, but you shouldn’t.

Just go to your local shelter and adopt a cat or a dog that can really use a caring, loving family. They still make for wonderful Instagram models.

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