Here in Montana, and across the nation, the number of Covid-19 cases is slowly rising. A finger could be pointed at a lot of different factors as to why, but you would have to assume with winter upon us we are spending far more time inside. Then factor in holiday gatherings, and you can understand why the numbers are on the rise. Before we get into when/where let’s look at the National, and local Montana numbers as of this week.

The National numbers are on a slight increase, rising from 260,000 in October, to 306,000 as of last week. To put that in perspective, one year ago in December we had a reported 2.2 million cases nationwide.

attachment-CDC Nov numbers

Here in Montana, we are averaging 132 cases a week, that number increasing by 6% in the last couple of weeks. So again, its not huge numbers BUT they are increasing. Silver Bow County is averaging just under 7 cases a day (19 per 100,000 people), and other counties surrounding Silver Bow are also trending up. Deer Lodge County is at 36 cases per 100,000, Madison is at 18 per 100,000, and Jefferson at 12 per 100,000.

In Butte-Silver Bow we are currently listed at Medium, on the Covid community level, meaning if you are at risk of getting very sick, wear a high-quality mask. If you have social or household contact with someone at high risk of getting very sick, consider self-testing before contact.

Make sure to get your up-to-date booster for Covid, (and also your Flu-shot), if it’s been a bit since your last booster you can find out more information HERE. Get the booster to not only protect yourself, but also those around you.

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