BUTTE, MT - How hard is it to be a parent?

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Depending on who you ask, the answers usually range from "very hard" to "pretty hard." Especially when you throw more than one of the kiddos into the mix, the challenges can easily multiply. What if you're a single mother or father, too, trying to juggle kids, your job, and keeping everything in the house in order? For someone like me who doesn't have kids yet, it's unimaginable and unfathomable to truly understand what every parent is going through.

Though the future may look bleak or uncertain at best, I have some good news for you. Just like most groups of people, such as parents, teachers, students, and many others, there are a plentiful amount of resources to take advantage of. This one today particularly focuses on Butte, Montana's parents and families in need of a little extra support, which I'm sure most (if not all) parents could benefit from.

Exchange Parent Aide, a smaller but powerful organization who partners with Zero to Five, Butte 4-C's, and the Exchange Club—amongst others—has been a community resource provider geared towards parent and child support for years now, and provide services for FREE to any parent or family in need.

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Here's just a brief list of the free services Exchange Parent Aide and its related organizations provide:

  • Visitation for children and parents in the Child Protective Services system
  • Home visits to support with homely needs
  • Providing parents with diapers, food, clothes, and anything a parent needs
  • Help pay for childcare services
  • Professional development courses
  • Family plans dedicated to child learning, parenting skills, and social support
  • Much more

Again, these services are FREE to all caregivers with children ages 0-17. Have no fear, as the Parent Aides who assist and serve are trained, professionally supervised individuals, with loads of experience as they have kiddos of their own.

Here's how to get started:

  1. Call, email, or go online to speak to a friendly provider.
    1. Email: ccunningham@butte4-cs.org
    2. Call: (406) 723-4019
    3. Online: www.butte4cs.org
  2. Fill out an application.
  3. Schedule your first in-home visit.

It's that simple. Bu wait, what if you're someone like me who doesn't have a child or need the support? Is there something we can do? There is! Exchange Parent Aide is always taking donations, financially of course but also through food, clothes, diapers, car seats: anything a child may need.

Pretty awesome resource for any parent out there. Have you used these guys before?

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