Colt Anderson is bringing out the big guns for the Dream Big Montana experience and he's keeping things locally.  He's got Tommy Mellott and and Dylan Cook coming in to instruct alongside NFL veterans and coaches at the skills camp.  He's also keeing it locally in other aspects as well.  Let's talk about the musical entertainment side of things.  Thursday night, June 27th Uptown Butte is in for a treat and the stars are all homegrown.

After Keith Sayers FMX show, whose intensity can only be left to the imagination, Park Street is going to be rocking with adrenaline as two homegrown artists, both on the rise take the stage for a free show that you better come early for.  Tim Montana and Levi Blom are going to blow you away.  Let's talk about Levi for a second.  Levi Blom is a name you have heard of, maybe on the hockey rink but definitely on the music stage.  He's a Butte kid through and through and is taking a grassroots approach to fame by doing it the old-fashioned way.  He writes great songs, he has surrounded himself with great musicians and he has built a loyal fanbase through a busy touring schedule.  He has also put out some impressive music videos.

Levi has secured himself a prime spot at the Livingston Roundup Rodeo's 100th Anniversary Celebration's concert as he will be opening for John Michael Mongomery on June 28th.  You can get tickets to that show here.

The action on Park Street with Keith Sayers show will begin at 5pm with Levi to follow and Tim Montana to close the show.

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