Scams and scammers are running rampant not only across the nation, but in Montana as well. Almost once a week, I still get a text about a bank account that doesn't exist. With tax season in full swing you need to be aware of IRS tax scams that are making the rounds.

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KGVO spoke with Jeff Obie, Special Agent in Charge of the Denver IRS Field Office about IRS scams that are targeting people these days. Obie said that the IRS will not contact you with an email or a text asking for your personal information. But he did say, "Any contact from the IRS is really going to start with an actual letter through the post office to your house." So how do you know if the letter you receive is legitimate or if it is part of a scam too?

Here Is How To Spot A Fake IRS Letter

According to and the IRS, here is what to look for if you receive a letter claiming to be from the IRS.

  • The IRS will never use threatening language.
  • The envelope, or the letter doesn't have the IRS logo.
  • It will NOT include your Tax ID number, your notice number, or the letter number on the top or bottom of the letter.
  • The letter does NOT include your rights as a taxpayer.

The IRS will not pressure you, or ask for personal information. If there is a balance due to the IRS they will also give you the opportunity to appeal the decision.

Contact the IRS If You Have Any Concerns

If there are any doubts, you should verify with the IRS if the letter is real. You can call for verification 1-800-824-1040. If you feel you have been a target of a scam you can report phishing and online scams directly to the IRS here.

Please be safe and vigilant out there and try to educate yourself about the types of scams that are making their ways around Montana.

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