Metaphorically, going uphill provides for a better outcome. Symbolically, the uphill attempt is a stride for greatness and endurance, while literally speaking, UPHILL is exactly where you'll find the incredible Butte Farmers' Market every Saturday Morning in Historic Uptown Butte, Montana, 8 am to 1 pm on West Park between Park & Main and in the Imagine Butte Resource Center in the Phoenix Building.

So in providing all the above this summer and into early Fall, the Butte Farmers' Market is equipped with plenty of professionally home-grown produce and intriguing crafts by local artists, which I'm excited to get into in just a bit. 😉

This time of the year, several activities and festivities are wrapping up for the season, but true to the tradition of providing goods through harvest season, the Butte Farmers' Market will continue now through October 8th. That means there's plenty of time to enjoy all this community event has to offer.

Under the direction of Mainstreet Uptown Butte's, George Everett, the Butte Farmers’ Market, since 1995, has aimed to give consumers a select variety of goods: bedding and hanging plants, farm fresh eggs, awesome garden items from the surrounding area, baked goods from the Hutterite colonies, flowers, Flathead cherries, and again, the incredible artwork and crafts of local artists, to include handcrafted jewelry, pottery, attire and framework. It's definitely a must see. So, every Saturday, now through October 8th, do just that! See it for yourself! Why not visit for an hour or two or make it a full day excursion.

So that everyone is at ease and on the same page during their time at the Market, the Mainstreet Uptown Butte Organization has outlined some common courtesies and rules. On that list is the fact that no alcohol or rummage sale type items are allowed on the premises or available for purchase. Also, no pets are allowed at the Market. Our furry babies won't be too sad as we can see them right after a fun outing to the Butte Farmers' Market.  Southwest Montana has so much to offer, and the Butte Farmers' Market is top on the list!


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