With every passing day, I sound more and more like my grandmother, “Where has the time gone?”

There are just a handful of weeks remaining in the Butte Public School year, and it feels like the kids just got started. (I’m sure the kids feel the exact same way). With April coming to a close, I had to remind myself that my daughter didn’t have school on Fridays this month.

I reached out to school officials to remind myself why there was no school on Fridays and received a great explanation.

Teachers vote on the school calendar for the year, and a committee of 3 teachers along with 3 administrators create various calendar options. The Butte Teachers Union then votes on the calendar. The big change in this current calendar as opposed to previous years is the length of Spring Break. A full week of Spring Break was ‘traded’ for Fridays in May. Fridays in May are typically high absentee days with students as well as staff, and when you factor in low substitute teacher numbers it makes it hard to cover classes.

This is not a ‘test run’ to see if a 4-day week is something that should be looked into permanently.

School bus- townsquare media

However, it is a test to see if the calendar with no Spring Break, or the calendar with Fridays off in May is better for the students, families, teachers, and faculty. The board will make no decisions on next year’s schedule until the month of May is completed, and they get feedback.

So, now we all have our explanation and reminder as to why there is no public school on Fridays in May.

Now I just need to get a chores list together for my daughter.

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