According to the Travel Channel website, Max Pictures and Discovery+ will unveil their final episode of Ghosts of Devil's Perch  October 9th! Titled, "End Lines", it will be the 8th episode to touch on paranormal activity that occurred in historic Butte, Montana! Many who are intrigued and believe in ghosts and other supernatural phenomenons, have had the opportunity to take on this series since August. See it for yourself on Discovery+ and the Travel Channel (check listings). You can also check out rerun episodes by streaming on Philo. All eight episodes concentrate on the rough, tough, and sensational characteristic of Butte, Montana!

Natives of the community are either skeptical about the topic of paranormal activity or are on board with discoveries that have been made and brought to light in Ghosts of Devil's Perch filmed in Butte. More so, Butte Silver Bow County Sheriff Ed Lester and CEO J.P. Gallagher have come together in a host of interviews for the televised program. They are speaking out about their own accounts in dealing with the public's reports of paranormal activity in the former mining town of Butte, a place rich in history with hardships dating back to the copper mining industry. Well known Butte historian, Chris Fisk serves as the on-site annalist for Ghosts of Devil's Perch. Fisk's knowledge of the Butte area has been evident during his time as an educator for the Butte school district and in the intriguing episodes of the Travel Channel/Discovery+ series.

As described in the Ghosts of Devil's Perch, Butte's CEO goes on to add validity to the thought that Butte is definitely haunted. J.P. Gallagher grew up in the mining city and either learned or has encountered first hand, paranormal activities of a close knit  community. As natives of Southwest Montana, J.P. and I go way back in the sense of family. Yes, I'm name dropping. His grandfather, Farrell Gallagher and my grandmother Helen (Gallagher) Sullivan were brother and sister. I recall stories my dad told us about lamps mysteriously turning off and on at the Gallagher household when he was a kid and how on a couple of occasions it sounded like someone was rocking a chair upstairs when no one was there. Creepy!

Judge for yourself Butte's paranormal activities in "End Lines", the final episode of The Ghosts of Devil's Perch on Discovery+ and the Travel Channel. Again, the entire series is also available for streaming on Philo. A perfect time of the year to indulge in the horror of it all. Do you believe paranormal activity exists in Butte or in the county that you reside? Please let us know in our comment section.

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