Anyone who has been to a Butte High girls basketball game will recognize her as the enthusiastic, purple-clad helper on the varsity bench working as the team manager.  If you've been to an Oredigger football or basketball game it's a sure bet you've heard her cheering on her team and her favorite players, most of whom she considers close friends.  And if you've seen her compete in the Special Olympics, you will definitely remember her not only as one of her team's most talented athletes but also as one of the biggest supporter of...other teams players.  She is not above giving up an open layup so a teammate can get a bucket but has also been known to help those with a different color jersey.  She wants everyone to score.

Hollywood competes in snowboarding, bowling, summer track and field and her personal favorite, basketball.  During a break in action at a recent Montana Tech Basketball doubleheader, Hollywood talked about the recent State Special Olympics Basketball Tournament which wrapped up a couple of weeks ago here in Butte. Hollywood said her favorite part was hanging out with her friends and dedicating her games to her best friends, one of which happens to be former Oredigger center and current assistant coach Cody Baumstarck.  "It means everything to me.  I love basketball and I always dedicate my games to Cody Baumstarck," Foley explained, slightly blushing.  It seems as if the affection is mutual as Baumstarck makes time for Hollywood at every Oredigger home game.  It is a testament to both of them.

As one of the more talented basketball players, Foley said she loves the sportsmanship.  "When someone goes down (an opposing player), we always go make sure they are okay."  For Hollywood, it's really not about winning.  It's about taking your talents, and your smile, as far as they will go.  See you at the next game, Hollywood!

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