All right, this is going to be epic. Truly.

I am going to line you up with a full weekend trip of greatness, and you are going to love it.

The trip centers around a venue and live music. Which is pretty much best thing known to mankind. I know I have talked about the artist The White Buffalo previously. He has played quite a bit in Montana, and I really hope you have seen him. If not, well this trip is for you! (and 6-8 of your closest friends).

The White Buffalo is playing a gig at Abayance Bay Marina in Rexford Montana on June 24th. I wrote an article last month about Abayance Bay, you can take a peek at that HERE. My love affair with The White Buffalo is well documented. I’ll slap a couple of videos in here for you to take a peek. They are awesome on Youtube, or on your music app, but Live and in person they shine. If you are a concert fiend, you know how some songs hit differently live than they do recorded. One of the big ones for me is The Pilot by The White Buffalo. It’s a great song, but live it is next level.

Alright I’ll give you a link to buy tickets in a second, but first, you need to decide amongst your friends which ones can you spend a long weekend sipping drinks on a lake with. Who can you go to a concert with and have a great time?

Bringing your entourage is an integral part of this epic weekend.

Why you ask?

lakehouse firepit- photo via

Well, because you are going to rent this amazing pad for a long weekend of concert goodness. 2 Master bedrooms, 4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths. It sleeps 12, so gather the troops, grab your fishing gear, your golf gear, or just your drinking hat. The house is open the weekend of the White Buffalo Show, so go have some fun.

lake house interior- photo via Aribnb

oh, and you can get your tickets for The White Buffalo HERE.

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