A trip to Georgetown Lake for dinner and other activities is an excellent idea for the whole family. Now, when it comes to Valentine's Day on Tuesday or leading into next weekend, make this scenic place a destination exclusively for you and your sweetheart. If you can swing a day off from work on February 14th, consider taking your sweetie for a full or half day of skiing at Discovery Ski Area (180 Discovery Basin Rd, Anaconda). Plus, for avid snowmobilers, enduring the many groomed trails around Georgetown Lake with that special someone and other couples (recommended) is always exhilarating! (continued...)

Even a jaunt in a reliable vehicle halfway around gorgeous Georgetown Lake with your main squeeze is relaxing in itself. However, make sure you're prepared for any and all activities you entertain in the area. You don't want to find yourself stuck in a snow-packed ditch or worse while on your outing. Adventures to and around the lake should be well-planned to stay ahead of the game. Here are the websites for Discovery Ski Area and the Georgetown Snowmobile Trail Map (courtesy of the Anaconda Snowmobile Club) to help give you the insight needed. Pair that with some good common sense, and you're set! -> DISCOVERY or SNOWMOBILE TRAILS. (More on staying out of the doghouse on VDAY below)

One of Georgetown Lake's popular hubs, after a day of skiing or snowmobiling, is 7 Gables Resort. They offer a rustic lodging experience if desired, plus a great and casual atmosphere for dinner and drinks. They have just about anything for breakfast, lunch, and dinner; biscuits and gravy, Philly steak sandwiches, chicken alfredo, and everything in between. You and your significant other are sure to find something you love about 7 Gables (150 Southern Cross Road, Anaconda). (continued...)

Another option for dining near the lake is in the name itself; The Lakehouse at Georgetown Lake, which serves up delicious prime rib and more. Although the Lakehouse is not open for dining on Valentine's Day, you can still make plans for a romantic night out at the "Lakehouse" (360 Brown Derby Lane, Anaconda) anytime during the weekend of February 18th & 19th and countless days out of the year. As always, enjoy the many options available to you at Georgetown Lake, and have safe travels along the way. Happy Valentine's Day!

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