In case you missed the memo, we are smack-dab in ‘live music season’ here in Montana. We have talked at length about some great shows on the horizon for Butte, Southwest Montana, and all across Montana as well.

There are some great, can’t miss shows on the horizon, like the Montana Folk Festival, Priscilla Block playing at the Silver Bow County Fair, and the Butte Rock Fest, (so hopefully you have them on your calendar!). Let’s add another festival series to that list, the St. Timothy’s Summer Music Festival.

The St. Timothy’s Summer Music Festival is scheduled for five different days this summer. June 25th, July 9th, July 23rd, August 6th, and August 20th. Each day will have a different performer (more on that in a moment). All concerts will take place at 4 pm on Sundays in the beautiful St. Timothy’s Memorial Chapel.

Photo: Tommy O/Townsquare Media
Photo: Tommy O/Townsquare Media

Come early and enjoy a picnic before the show, while taking in the beauty of Georgetown Lake, or decide to relax after the show. The Chapel has very limited seating so make sure to purchase your tickets asap. Here is the list of performers.

On August 20th- Michael Louis Aaberg. Oakland musician, and recording artist.

August 6th- Bob Bowman, Jazz Bassist, composer, educator, and Grammy winner.

July 23rd- Coty Hogue, Banjo master, powerful singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist.

July 9th - Montana Chamber Music Society. An incredible group of talented Montana musicians.

And that brings us to the first show of the season, June 25th, when the guest performers will be celebrated Montana musicians Rob and Halladay Quist. Rob was inducted into the inaugural class of the Montana Musicians Hall of Fame, he also won the 2023 Montana Governor’s Arts Award.

Tickets for each of the shows cost $25, and can be purchased HERE. You can also find out information on the Summer Music Festival HERE.


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