5 of the 6 Frontier Conference men's teams will head south this week.

The men’s side of the Cactus Classic gets underway in Chandler, Arizona this Friday. The women’s games get rolling on Tuesday. (We will look at the women’s schedule later in the week)

Five of the Men’s Frontier teams will head to the desert to battle some of the best teams in the country.  The Frontier teams in attendance will be Rocky Mountain College, the University of Providence, UM Western, #23 Carroll College, and MSU Northern. The other teams in Attendance are #3 Arizona Christian, (RV) Olivet Nazarene University, (RV) Hope International University, Menlo College, The Masters University, Vanguard University, and (RV) Ottowa University- Arizona.

The #23 Saints of Carroll College will play 4 games in 4 days. Saturday vs. Ottawa, Sunday against Olivet Nazarene, Monday they will battle Menlo, and then wrap it up against Vanguard on Tuesday.

The Bulldogs of UM Western will stack up 3 tough games, Arizona Christian on Friday, Hope International on Sunday, and The Masters on Monday.

Rocky Mountain College will start on Friday against Ottawa, on Saturday they will battle Menlo, then wrap up on Monday against Hope International.

The University of Providence will step up with 3 games, Saturday against Arizona Christian, Sunday vs. Menlo, and then wrap up the trip Tuesday against Ottawa.

Coach Huse will lead the Lights of MSU Northern into 3 games over the long weekend as well, starting Saturday at noon against Hope International, Monday against Vanguard, and then wrapping up on Tuesday against The Masters.

This will be an outstanding measuring stick for all teams involved, with several nationally ranked teams in attendance.

Teams get back into Frontier Conference action on Thursday, January 5th when we will see if we can get our first road win of the conference season.

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