You have to hand it to Jon Wick.  When it comes to believing in Butte, particularly Uptown Butte, he goes all in.  But Jon Wick is not a man who does things halfheartedly.  Jon and his wife, Cassie, have transformed two once-empty spaces Uptown into a pair of thriving stores, 5518 Designs on Main Street and Dig City Supply right across from the parking garage on Park Street.  The storefronts are within shouting distance of each other.  But they're really more than just stores.  Both are incredibly well-decorated, staffed with friendly people and offer a wonderful selection of very stylish clothing, buttons, stickers and Montana-inspired knick knacks that you could spend hours perusing.  They have brought back to life vintage Butte businesses from years past along with grade schools whose final class graduated decades ago and put their logos and mascots on t shirts and stickers.  Their trendy designs honor just about everything Southwest Montana loves, from trout to headframes.  And if you're a fan of the Montana Tech Orediggers, Dig City Supply is a literal haven.

Jon and Cassie are also incredibly active in the community and supportive of not only fundraisers and charitable organizations but also of artists and musicians.  They pride themselves not only on their work but on their community and its rich history.  They are very familiar with the history of the 100 block of North Main Street.

It is with this in mind that the Wicks have put up a beautiful new sign outside 5518 Designs.  Elegant and modern, yet very appropriate for the historical district in which it resides.

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