Vitalant of Butte is once again coming together for a community Blood Drive on December 14th at Mount Moriah Lodge at the Masonic Temple in Butte! As outlined on their Vitalant website, it is estimated that patients receive a platelet or blood transfusion every two seconds of every day. Hence, blood drives save lives, making donating more critical than ever. If you are worried about the needle used to draw blood, don't be. Many donors compare the experience to a quick, minor pinch. The process is safe, plus you'll feel a sense of accomplishment knowing that you are potentially helping families across the United States who require transfusions. The awareness and significance of donating blood was always made apparent in our household growing up. My father was adamant about its importance and during his lifetime donated over 20 gallons of blood. 

An interesting fact about donating blood is that it also benefits donors. Vitalant screens all donors to ensure the safety of everyone involved. This means you'll be able to learn crucial health information about yourself upfront. You must also be Covid-19 symptom-free for at least ten days to donate blood at the upcoming Blood Drive on December 14th in Butte. Donation guidelines also include the following: Must be 18 or older (those 16 & 17 years of age can donate with parental permission). In addition, you must be in good general health with no cold or flu symptoms on the day of the blood draw and weigh at least 110 pounds.

There are more key guidelines available by visiting Vitalant's site HERE. In fact, this is the prime website to create an appointment for the Vitalant Blood Drive in Butte on December 14th at Mount Moriah Lodge (315 W. Galena)! You can also scan the QR CODE below to make an appointment. A reminder that there are several other dates to choose for an appointment online, but the Butte Blood Drive itself will be on December 14th. Hey, you could even qualify for prize giveaways during the DRIVE (see details online)! Thanks to Vitalant and people like you in the community, everyone wins!

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