Simply put, blood donations are crucial to our healthcare system.  Our friends at Vitalant have done the math and they tell us that every 2 seconds, someone in America will need blood.  It could be a little girl with leukemia.  It could be the victim of an accident.  It could be a lot of things.  Vitalant supplies blood to around 900 hospitals in two dozen states.  Two dozen hospitals who rely on Vitalant for their day-to-day and also their unimaginable blood needs.  But one blood donation can save up to three lives.  And Vitalant has a couple of blood drives here in town where you can potentially make that life-saving donation.

Thursday, April 4 - Montana Tech SUB

courtesy Shawn Muffich/Vitalant
courtesy Shawn Muffich/Vitalant

The Montana Tech College and Society of Petroleum Engineers Club will be hosting a blood drive this Thursday in the Big Butte Room of the Student Union Building from noon until 4pm.  Fastracks are encouraged and can be found online at the Vitalant website.  For information or to schedule an appointment you can scan the QR code above, call (877) 258-4825 or reach out to Shawn Muffich at


courtesy Shawn Muffich/Vitalant
courtesy Shawn Muffich/Vitalant

Friday, The Springs at 300 Mount Highland Drive will host a blood drive in the Community Room from 10am until 2pm.  Again, fastracks are encouraged and reservations and information can be found by scanning the above QR code or going online to  Shawn Muffich can answer any questions you may have as can Tonya Kish at or by calling (406) 498-008

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