Headquartered in Butte, Water & Environmental Technologies (WET) is conducting its Annual Blood Drive and Food Drive on March 3rd! The event will be hosted by The Butte Brewing Company to help add awareness to the importance of Vitalant's Blood Donation Services and the Butte Pantry's food donation program. When you reserve your donation time for the Blood Drive and Food Drive you'll receive free swag, door prizes (10 tickets), and refreshments, so contact Water & Environmental Technologies now to set up a time at (406) 782-5220. (continued...)

 It's two great causes at one significant event! During your blood donation appointment, participants are also encouraged to donate food (non-perishable) toiletry, pet items, and essentials for babies and children. Pantries like the one in Butte do so much to help out those in need in the community. This realization is another indication that members of Butte and the surrounding are all about helping out one another. As for local blood drives and those conducted across the nation, the truth remains that they help save lives. It is certain that donating is more critical than ever. If you're concerned about the needle used to draw blood, rest assured. Many donors compare the experience to a quick, minor pinch. The process is safe, plus you'll feel a sense of accomplishment knowing that you are potentially helping families across the United States who require transfusions. Don't miss the Annual Blood Drive & Food Drive conducted by WET on March 3rd hosted by The Butte Brewing Company, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. (465 E Galena).
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