Maybe your pet is a "house" companion that spends more time on the couch than you do. However, if your dog, cat, or any other pets you possess are accustomed to being outdoors year-round, then it's time to put a kibosh on those plans this weekend and bring them indoors! As of today, Friday, January 27th, a winter storm warning remains in effect, with temperatures expected to plunge from 33 to 4 degrees by this evening. By tomorrow, wind chill values will hit -15, and temperatures will drop to -24 by Saturday night. Even though no new snow is expected Sunday or Monday, temperatures on both days will be very harsh for humans and pets alike, so refrain from enduring any extensive outdoor activities during that timeframe. (more below)

There's no doubt we all love our fur babies. So, please plan accordingly to keep them safe when the weather takes such major turns. When temps plummet, my Kelpie/Lab mix hangs out in the living room while I'm at work and, when I return, makes a mad dash to do his duty outside. Four years ago, you wouldn't be able to leave him alone in a room for three seconds, let alone an entire day. Back then, you could count on the television remote being used as a chew toy and decorative pillows reduced to nothing. He's 5-years-old now and has grown out of that stage. Plus, he's never been one to use the house as a bathroom. Now, if you're dealing with a pet who isn't very well house-trained while you have to be away for the day, see if a relative or friend could stay with them for the day or train them for a kennel. Of course, a favorite toy, water, and food are of the most importance, as well, but you already knew that. So, here's to keeping our pets warm and safe while this cold front moves in. Aww, way to be a "good human"!

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