Mother nature had a nice tour of Montana over the past 24 hours, dropping a significant amount of snow from the Idaho border to the Dakotas.

The Winter Storm Warning that was issued for the entirety of Montana marched across the state, wreaking havoc on travel.

From midnight December 1 until this morning (December 2nd) there have been 269 recorded accidents on the Highways and Interstates of Montana. This number does not include any accidents that happened on city streets, just Interstates and Highways.

269 Interstate and highway accidents reported from Dec 1- Dec 2.
269 Interstate and highway accidents reported from Dec 1- Dec 2.

One of the hardest hit was I-90.  Focusing on the I-90 corridor from Lookout Pass down through Wyola there were 68 accidents reported.

The storm showed its teeth as it entered Montana’s western border in the early morning hours of December 1st. Lookout pass was under severe driving conditions, with several semis stuck on the pass, and multiple vehicles that had slid off the roadway. The conditions didn’t get much better as you enter deeper into Montana, there were a total of 23 accidents reported from Lookout to Missoula. Missoula to Deer Lodge reported 11 accidents. The stretch from Deer Lodge to Butte ended the 24 hours with 10 accidents.

Western I-90- townsquare media

Butte to Bozeman tallied 16 accidents, three of those on Homestake, and three on Cardwell Hill,  and from Bozeman to Billings, there were 8 accidents.

I-90 Butte to Billings- townsquare media

68 accidents in a 24 span on I-90 alone. Winter is with us, so take your time if you plan to get on the highways, make sure you and your family are ready, and always check the current highway conditions HERE.

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Drive Safe out there!

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