Coming to the Clark Chateau Ballroom for one night ONLY on December 8th at 7 p.m., it's the theatrical production of "Actor Roulette: A Christmas Carol" directed by Jackie Vetter of the Anaconda Ensemble Theatre. This timeless classic by Charles Dickens is narrated in detail but with a comedic edge, and this time with the actors not knowing who they will be playing on stage until they draw their prospective character parts from a hat AND in front of a LIVE audience! Clearly comical improv at its finest! Genius! Tickets for "Actor Roulette: A Christmas Carol" are available HERE or at the door the night of the performance for $15. Due to some light language, the show is rated PG-13.

The Anaconda Ensemble Theatre is derived of Jackie Vetter (Artistic Director & Board President), Adam Vauthier (Board Member/Incoming President), Jamie Foy (Board VP), Jessica Merkley (Board Secretary), and Micheal Muro (Board Member at Large). The Ensemble will go on to produce 2 to 3 shows a year and will continue to work on creative projects. Their first production to date was 'The War of the Worlds', performed at the Washoe Theatre this past September. 

Even if you have the slightest holiday blues, wipe that crickety Ebenezer scowl from your face and have fun this season! Besides, in the tale, it worked out for Scrooge, or did it? We'll have to find out during the performance. So, get ready to bust a gut with a good laugh at tomorrow night's (December 8th) performance of "Actor Roulette: A Christmas Carol"! Again, it's one night ONLY, so don't miss it happening at the Clark Chateau Ballroom (321 W. Broadway in Butte).

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