As is customary in Butte, America, any good celebration gets underway a day early.  Just look at Christmas Eve or St. Uhro's Day if you need proof.  The 3rd of July is almost a bigger deal in Butte than Independence Day itself thanks to an amazing fireworks show and leadup parties.  Butte's geography only adds to the intrigue.  Have you figured out where you and your family are going to watch the Town Pump fireworks show?  If you haven't, here are a few suggestions.


The Rodney Atkins show is family friendly and will give you a lot of room to spread out on a blanket and enjoy one of the nation's top country artists before enjoying Montana's best fireworks show.  Plus, there will be a food trucks on site and refreshments available for all ages.  Tickets are available at and details are available by calling (406) 782-2102.


Chester Steele Park, just below St. James Healthcare between Clark and Alabama and Cinders Field adjacent just across Silver St. is a spacious area that has been a family favorite for many for years.  Another advantage of this area is its access to Excelsior Avenue and the interstate on ramp which can help you in avoiding the inevitable Uptown traffic after the Grand Finale.


Probably the best place in town to watch the fireworks are from a lawn or garden party going on in the Big Butte area.  There's really nothing like it.  Neighbors coming together with buffets, music and street fireworks.  If you get an invitation to a party in this part of town, take it.  And bring some snacks and beverages for the buffet.


If you choose to watch the fireworks from home, or from anywhere for that matter, Town Pump, in addition to footing the bill for the fireworks show once again, will be broadcasting the display on their Facebook page.  They also invite you take a few pictures of this years show and enter your best shot in their fireworks photo contest.

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