With the first day of summer this year comes the first day of county-wide water restrictions which will limit the days and hours in which you may legally use your outside water outlets and lawn and garden irrigation systems.  As of today, June 20th, watering restrictions will be in place every day from 10am until 8pm during which time no outside water use is allowed.  As in years past, houses with even numbered street addresses will be permitted to water on even numbered days of the month while those with odd numbered addresses may water on odd numbered days.  No watering will be allowed on the 31st of the month.  A fine of $100 may be imposed on violators.

Why abide by these restrictions?  Well, water restrictions benefit us all by wasting less water, especially during hot summer days when residential demand is at its peak and the highest levels of water lost to evaporation is at its highest.  These restrictions also allow our water division to manage our water resource more effectively and avoiding shortages, ensuring a more reliable supply for essential needs such as drinking water and firefighting.  Low water levels due to overuse can also harm aquatic habitats and ecosystems that are dependent on water sources.  Additionally, overuse of water during dry periods can have an adverse effect of reservoirs, lakes and rivers.

Please do your part to use water wisely by following the guidelines ensuring we all have plenty of clean water through the summer and fall seasons this year.

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