Last month I gave you the rundown of an incredible apartment in Butte that was for sale. The apartment is amazing, and it sits on top of possibly, Montana’s most historic burger joints. (I still think you should buy it)

Maybe you looked at that listing and decided that you and your family just needed some more square footage, like a lot more square footage. Buddy, I am here to help.

Branif Scott with Fay Ranches has a little spread north of Melrose up for sale. You can view the listing HERE on

The single-family property has 4 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, and is listed at 9,322 square feet. The house is on 32.16 acres and resides right on the banks of the Big Hole River.

Branif Scott with Fay Ranches @
Branif Scott with Fay Ranches @

Not only does the property have several hundred yards of the Big Hole, but it also has its own pond. Because why not! In the listing there is a photo of a gentleman fishing, and it looks like he is on the pond rather than the river, so I’m guessing that the pond is stocked with fish as well. But again, that is a guess. For someone like me who has been ‘skunked’ on the Big Hole more days than I have caught fish on the Big Hole, a stocked pond could be good for my psyche.

The house has a big-ole three-car garage, what looks to be a pretty massive kitchen, a study, and some workspaces. There is also a workout room and a wine cellar.

The workout equipment looks brand new, and the wine cellar is empty, so I have a pretty good idea which space the previous owners preferred.

The property also has this…

Branif Scott with Fay Ranches @
Branif Scott with Fay Ranches @

I want, and need, to know about this space. It looks like there is a fold-up wall/garage door to open an exterior wall? In Florida, or Arizona you see that all the time. But not in Montana, and not in Melrose. That ‘movable’ wall had better be well insulated and sealed, or else February is going to be really, really uncomfortable.

There are a bunch of pictures of the property to follow, and remember that it could be yours for the low, low price of 7.3 Million dollars. (or about $45,154 a month) Just make sure to let me know which bedroom is mine. Thanks

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7.3 Million Dollar 'home' for sale in Melrose MT

7.3 Million dollar riverfront home for sale in Melrose MT

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