Today is National Grandma's Day! Well, technically, in Poland, but I'm in a mood, so let's spread the love to the United States today! Yes, time to pay tribute to the person you could often run to when your parents gave you a hard time! You could do no wrong in grandma's eyes, and she was probably right! However, some grandmas out there could (and continue to be) stricter than parents. You know the type; disciplinarians who practiced tough love and would put you to work with a list of chores when you came to visit. There's even the case of grandmas who raised their grandchildren, which is more common than not. For others, it's possible they didn't see their grandmas as often growing up but still have fond memories of them either through birthday cards or phone calls. Thankfully with today's technology, kids and adults alike can also Facetime with their grandmothers. Whatever the case may be for you, and if you're feeling the love today, give your grandma a call, shoot her a text, or give her a shout-out on social media.

In celebrating National Grandma's Day Today, there is the unfortunate scenario that one's grandmother has since passed. When I was a sophomore in high school, my grandma Helen on my dad's side passed away, whereas my grandma Camilla on my mom's side passed when I was 36. She lived to be 101! If your grandma has since passed, take a moment to honor her today by journaling or by pulling out some fond pictures to remind you of her. Now, I used the word "grandma" throughout this article, even though I'm sure many had special names for their grandmothers. I called my  Italian grandmother "mamooch". Others I've heard are nona, zizi, and nana. What did you call your grandmother? Hopefully, you'll have a chance to reflect and be at ease in remembering grandma on her big day today! Happy National Grandma's Day!

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