Butte is a rich source of ghost stories, and those who visit the city often find themselves drawn in by the mystery.  The stories about ghosts can be quite fascinating to researchers as well as locals who have heard them all their lives. And for this reason, Butte is welcoming a team of paranormal investigators!

According to Travelchannel.com, "When investigator Dave Schrader, tech expert K.D. Stafford and psychic medium Cindy Kaza arrive in Butte, they find paranormal activity that startles even them." It was stated by Chrisjerichocruise.com that Dave Schrader has his own podcast, "The Paranormal 60" as well as being the lead investigator on the Holzer Files and being a guest on shows like Ghost Adventures and Paranormal Challenge. It's incredible to think that someone with so much experience in the paranormal field would be scared by something, let alone something that many of Butte's residents have probably experienced more than once.

The investigators have a lot of knowledge about paranormal activity, and they want to help people understand what's going on. They also want to help people understand why they are experiencing the paranormal activity that they are. This way, they're getting rid of it in a way that will last long term, which is something that can be hard for people who don't know much about the subject. In addition to this, ghost hunters often have personal reasons for wanting to do their jobs well: some feel like helping those who've been affected by ghosts is an important part of their life; others just like showing how cool it can be to investigate things no one else has yet discovered (or at least not publicly). 

When people think of a paranormal investigation, they often assume that the investigators must all agree on their findings—but that's not always the case. The first thing to understand is that human beings are imperfect and flawed. So when you're dealing with real human beings who have been tasked with trying to prove whether or not something really exists, it can be difficult for them to reach a consensus on any given conclusion—even if they're supposed to be looking at the same evidence and considering the same hypotheses. In fact, many times there are actually disagreements among team members in terms of which conclusions they feel most comfortable coming up with. For example: Some teams might be more open-minded about what kinds of explanations are possible (e.g., natural explanations or hoaxes), while others may feel less comfortable entertaining those possibilities because their personal beliefs don't allow for such things as ghosts or aliens existing in our world today. 

Ghost stories are often based on fact, but they can also be embellished over time as people tell and retell the stories. Sometimes ghost stories are based on real people or events. Often these people were involved in significant historical events that remain important to Butte's history, such as the city's mining boom years and its subsequent decline. In other cases, ghosts are said to be connected with places where terrible things occurred—an old abandoned mine shaft, or a crime scene where someone was murdered or disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Some ghost stories involve feelings of sadness or despair felt by those who visit certain places; others have been reported by people who claim they've had paranormal experiences while visiting these locations. 

These are all reasons why paranormal investigators are drawn to Butte. The city is full of stories with unsolved mysteries and unanswered questions, which make it an ideal place for ghost hunting research.

Will the team figure out what's going on in Butte? Will they stumble across something that we've yet to learn? Those are questions that can be answered by tuning in to the Travel Chanel to watch the eight episode series on Sunday, August first.

Enjoy the show, and let us know what you learn!

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