There will be several areas of road construction taking place in Butte over the next several months affecting travel as well as on-street parking and access to driveways in certain situations in a number of areas around town.  The work is being done as a part of the Butte Pavement Preservation Project and is being handled by the Montana Department of Transportation and Hollow Contracting. Here are the streets that are being worked on:

  • Excelsior Avenue
  • Park Street
  • Grand Avenue
  • Amherst Avenue
  • Elizabeth Warren Avenue
  • Four Mile Road
  • Utah Avenue
  • Electric Street
  • Western Boulevard
  • Shields Avenue
  • Farrell Street

Planned improvements include removing and replacing the top layer of pavement, crack sealing the roadway, replacing guardrails and chip sealing the roadway.  Each road has been evaluated individually and not all roadways will require all improvements.  The work is being done to make critical improvements in a cost-effective manner that will extend the life of the roadway and is expected to be completed in a single construction season. The contractor will accommodate emergency services at all times.

Map: Facebook/Butte-Silver Bow
Map: Facebook/Butte-Silver Bow

Due to the nature of the project, traffic control will vary by location and motorists in general can expect flaggers or traffic sensing smart signals to direct traffic. Each construction zone will have reduced speed limits and motorists may encounter delays of up to 15 minutes when traveling through the project areas.

If you’d like to sign up to receive email notifications about construction activities, email Tyler at and to receive text notifications, text BURB to 866-434-0866.

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