The Wulfman's Frigid Digger Run is obviously called that for a reason; it happens during one of the the coldest times of the year and right in Butte! Competitors of the Frigid Digger Run are no doubt tough as nails. On one hand? They're runners, so, right there, that shows their level of endurance! On the other hand, their level of stamina is apparent by their ability to run in such harsh weather conditions. You can show your endurance and stamina, as well, by getting involved in the Frigid Digger Run set for this Saturday, February 18th! Race-day registration happens at 9 a.m. at Montana Tech's HPER lobby (1300 W Park Street, Butte). You can also register now through this Friday, February 17th at or by opening this link FRIGID DIGGER. (more on the Frigid Digger Run below)

Competitors can choose between a 3 or 7.3 mile run along the trails and roads west of Montana Tech. Maps of the route are available the day of the race. Frigid Digger  participants 14 years of age or younger can get a discounted rate online or on the day of the event. Walkers are also encouraged to get involved in the 3 mile event. Best of all, cash prizes will be awarded to both male and female contenders. Plus, on a first come, first served basis, long-sleeve t-shirts will be available. Like so many events in Butte and the surrounding area, proceeds from the Frigid Digger Run will benefit a great cause; Montana Tech's Digger Cross Country Program. The Wulfman's Frigid Digger Run is named after the late John Wulf who first organized the event years ago. Here's to all competitors this weekend. Be safe, have fun and stay warm!

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