One of my favorite nights of the year is fast approaching.

Friday, May 26th will see the start of TEN24. TEN24 is a play festival presented by The Orphan Girl Children’s Theatre. If you are a patron of the Orphan Girl you know how hard the kids work to put on productions throughout the season. Weeks and weeks of practice, perfecting their roles for the run of shows that are presented to the public.

The ‘regular season’ shows, like The Addams Family, Clue, and Mary Poppins Jr. can be viewed like a marathon, they require dedication, time, and hard work to get to the finish line.

On the other side of the spectrum lies TEN24. TEN24 is like a demolition derby, with a free-ranging monster truck in the arena, AND a rodeo clown holding a fake fish, because that’s what happens at TEN24.

TEN24- OGCT townsquare media

Ten-24 will start on Friday evening at 5 pm. Ten writers will draw play suggestions out of a hat, and for the next 12 hours (6 pm – 6 am), they will write a FULL PLAY from that suggestion.

Saturday morning at 7 am, when the writing period is over, the Directors will arrive on the scene. They will meet with the writer of their play from 7 am – 8 am. At 8 am the actors will arrive and begin rehearsing the play immediately, in preparation for a live performance of the show that will take place on the Mother Lode Stage at 6 pm Saturday night.

10 complete, original plays, written, rehearsed, and performed in a 24-hour window. It’s pretty special.

Sign-ups to participate in TEN24 close on May 19, 2023 at 5 pm. All information on how to participate can be found HERE. You can apply to write, direct, act, stage manage, or volunteer.

You can purchase your tickets for the TEN24 festival HERE.

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