Just because it's winter doesn't mean you shouldn't do the things you enjoy. This past weekend, many took in the excitement of Snoflinga. Now, if you're not entirely on board with activities that involve physically touching snow, then take in some events that won't leave your toes cold and requires wearing a parka. This article; highly suggests a trip to the Mother Lode Theatre in Butte. To wrap up the month of January, here are two incredible LIVE performances to choose from at reasonable prices. If you're not up to driving to the theatre this winter, schedule an Uber or have a friend or family member drive you there! Here's what's on tap at the Mother Lode Theatre this month:

Travis Anderson Trio - January 27th - 7:30 pm - This Minneapolis threesome combines jazz and pop music! As part of the Mother Lode's Community Concert Series, they'll also perform theme music from your favorite 60s TV shows, plus a selection of Disney hits. (ticket info below)

Lucy Loves Desi: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Sitcom - January 31st - 7:30 pm - Presented by LA Theatre Works, this performance is the tale behind the beloved situation comedy, I Love Lucy. Gregg Oppenheimer, the son of I Love Lucy creator and producer, wrote this incredible piece for the stage. (ticket info below)

In the works the month of February: The Kingston Trio, Our Planet: Live in Concert, The Butte Symphony, and the Frisson Ensemble. Compete details and tickets are available by visiting the Mother Lode Theatre Box Office, by calling (406) 723-3602, or by checking out their website HERE (buttearts.org). To purchase community concert tickets, contact Janet at (406) 498-1467 or (406) 723-3822.

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