It's going to be like the days of Brew's Billiard Balls, Inc, all over again.  Just with a few more gray hairs.  And after all these years, a hearing aid or two may also be a distinct possibility.  And although Brew's, once upon a time the happening rock club of it's day, is long gone, some of the bands you probably remember performing there during its heyday are reuniting for a free, all-ages event coming in early July.

The Butte Depot at 818 S. Arizona will be the site of the Butte Rock Fest on Saturday, July 1 and this is going to be a really good one.  Some of the biggest Mining City rock bands from the 80's and 90's will be reuniting and sharing the stage with some of Butte's most talented groups that are performing today.  The lineup will include Jeremy Scared, Crash Baxter, King Friday, Check Engine Light and My Fist Your Face.  Of the five, Crash Baxter and Jeremy Scared are reuniting literally after decades and many miles away from each other, and although King Friday is an active and very popular band today, they have changed considerably from their original lineup.  All three bands will be performing with original members.  The Frank Hall-led band, Check Engine Light, is a new band without any lineup changes and Shawn "Roxx" Hoskins of My Fist Your Face has proven time and time again that he is capable of rocking the house with or without additional players.

Photo courtesy: Facebook/Shawn "Roxx'" Hoskins
Photo courtesy: Facebook/Shawn "Roxx'" Hoskins

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