It is time for the All-Class State Wrestling tournament in Billings. The Butte High Bulldogs are sending a combined 32 wrestlers to the Metra to compete for hardware. 20 Butte High boys and 12 girls will hit the mats on Friday morning to represent the Purple and White. We will run through those wrestlers in a moment, but first, let’s talk about the Butte Wrestling Fan Social.

The Butte Wrestling Fan Social is a way to get all the Butte wrestling fans together to celebrate Butte wrestling and get pumped up for the weekend of action. The event has been a massive success over the past five years, and Butte is the only school in the state that has this kind of event. If you are planning on going to Billings for State, you don’t want to miss this event.

The Butte Wrestling Fan Social is Thursday night starting at 7:30 at the Double Tree by Hilton. 27 N. 27th Street Billings, Grand Ballroom A.

Double Tree by Hilton, the site of this years Bulldog Wrestling Fan Social. 7:30 Thursday. photo from Google maps
Double Tree by Hilton, the site of this years Bulldog Wrestling Fan Social. 7:30 Thursday. photo from Google maps

Again, the Social will start at 7:30, there will be appetizers provided, and there will also be a drink bar attached to the room (no outside food or beverage allowed). The event will have a good ‘Tailgate’ feel to it, so the entire family is going to have a great time.

Other things to look forward to are the guest speakers, over the years we have heard from John Metz, and Barb and Jason Street. There will also be Bulldog Wrestling Trivia and prize giveaways throughout the evening. Some of the items given away through the years, are Yeti coolers, wrestling apparel, swag, signed headgear from the state teams, and a whole lot more.

This Social is put on by Butte High Fans for Butte High Fans. Hope to see you Thursday night in Billings.

32 Bulldog wrestlers will look to climb through the bracket starting Friday morning.

The Butte High girls will be placed in an All-class 24-person bracket for each weight class. Here is a look at each qualifier, their weight class, and their Western AA seed.

Neveah Grunhuvd – 132- 1st
Mattie Stepan – 145- 1st
Hayla Hoffman -165- 1st
Peyton Liva – 100- 2nd
Kaylee Lapier – 107- 2nd
Sophie Grunhuvd – 120- 2nd
Teya Edwards – 132- 2nd
Makenna Bazo- 235- 2nd
Aydin Gonzales – 114- 3rd
Ashlee Wilcox- 235- 4th
Jessie LaPier- 107- 5th
Rylee Radcliffe – 152- 5th
Maria Hanson- 126- 6th
Lauren Warren -107 – 8th
Jessica Blow – 126- 8th
Rylan O’Connell – 120- 8th

The Butte High boys who earned a shot at State, their weight class, and Western AA seed.

Keegan Hunt 103-(1st)
Tyrese LeProwse 103 (2nd)
Ryder McEwen 113 (2nd)
Joey Ward 113 (6th)
Colter Espelin 120 (6th)
Ben Tierney 120 (8th)
Grady Winston 126 (3rd)
Jaeger Hansen 126 (6th)
Kip Pumnea 132 (2nd)
Reid Whitlock 132 (4th)
Bryton Hardesty 138 (2nd)
Will Stepan 145 (5th)
Karson Pumnea 145 (6th)
Derek Averyt 152 (7th)
Trey Hansen 160 (6th)
Jake Bailey 170 (5th)
Cohen Grunhuvd 205 (2nd)
Kale Schonsberg 205 (4th)
Mason Christian 285 (1st)
Kade Schleeman 285 (3rd)


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