With Halloween at the end of the month, October in Butte always brings out stories of Butte's famous haunted locations and spirits of the past that still may roam today.  The Dumas Brothel.  The Centerville Ghost.  The Cabbage Patch.  But what about Butte's ghost...signs?  Uptown Butte was once one of the Northwest's most vibrant economical and cultural centers and as such her streets were adorned with, well, customers.  Here is a look at some of the signs from the past you'll find in Uptown Butte advertising businesses, products and services that are still visible, and in some cases still around, today.

Butte's Ghost Signs Part 1

Uptown Butte was once one of the largest urban centers in the Northwest and the bustling heart of a thriving Mining City. Here is the first in a series of some of the ghost signs you can see Uptown that have survived through the decades.

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