If you're having a low-key afternoon and still trying to decide what to do for the rest of the day, don't forget there are many events in the surrounding area taking place, including the Charley Worley Speed Skating Marathon in Butte and Winterfest in Anaconda. As for getting creative outside of organized events already in place, incorporate National Observations into your day!

Here's what's top on the list for Saturday, January 14th:

National Dress Up Your Pet Day:

What a great way to celebrate you and your pet! You could even coordinate matching outfits. Besides, it's fun!... so make sure to take plenty of pictures. National Dress Up Your Pet Day was started in 2009 by Colleen Paige, a celebrity pet lifestyle expert and animal behaviorist. Because, after all, you and your pet are fabulous.

National Hat Day:

According to the online site National Day, one of the earliest confirmed hats was worn by a man nicknamed Otzi, whose body was found outside of Austria and Italy in a frozen mountain where he had been since 3250 BCE. He was discovered wearing a bearskin and fur hat. So, get out your favorite hat today (It doesn't have to be bearskin. Lol) and style the day away! You could even switch up hats halfway through the day!

National Organize Your Home Day:

So, this one doesn't sound as much fun as National Hat Day or Dress Up Your Pet Day, but once you declutter a few things here and there in your home, you will truly feel much better! Along the way, devise separate bags or boxes of items to donate to your favorite charity and simply toss away garbage-worthy items. Aww, such a relief when all is said and done. So get creative by celebrating your pets, hats, and home today!

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