I-15 is closed from the 15-90 junction at Nissler, all the way to the Idaho Line.

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Due to the Winter Storm that rolled through Montana the last several days, dropping significant snow statewide, and then dropping the temperatures far below zero, roads in Montana are hazardous.

Every stretch of highway in Montana has its unique problems. Some mountain passes can just get hammered with snow, making them treacherous, even with plows working overtime.

Some areas of Montana battle more than just snow, some are made worse by the wind. I think of the Livingston corridor and the problems that wind creates year-round in that valley.

In the Browning, Cut Bank, and West Glacier area, when they get snow and wind, there are few places in Montana that compare.

The wind is a big part of the current closure on I-15. I think everyone has a Monida Pass ‘horror story’. Anyone who has spent any amount of time traveling to Idaho, or through Idaho to Salt Lake City knows that Monida can be really tricky at times, it does get hit with snow, but the wind is always the issue. Crosswinds make visibility difficult, and quickly ice up the roadway.

The heavy snow followed by that persistent wind from Monida through Clark Canyon, into Dillon, and all the way up the Big Hole Valley have made travel south very dangerous. Temperatures in southwest Montana are expected to get above 0 by a few degrees today, so that will certainly help.

For a look at the roads across the state, you can find current conditions from Montana Department of Transportation HERE> 

Drive Safe

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