MONTANA is called the "TREASURE" STATE FOR GOOD REASON! In the vast mountain range, 60 miles outside of Butte, you can literally dig for crystals! We're talking beautiful, one-of-kind quartz crystals. Like most anything in these scenic mountains, no two crystals are alike. So, local residents and tourists, get ready to heal...and start digging for crystals right outside of Dillon at fabulous Crystal Park!

Bring your friends, bring your family, and be insistent with that one friend, who dares to say, "they don't feel like it"! This "hidden gem" of a place, has been reserved by the Forest Service for the exciting hobby of rockhounding.

These quartz crystals are hexagonal prisms and are normally gray and purple (amethyst) in color. Some have a clear appearance and others have cloudy imagery.  Although many people have sought out these beauties as collector's items or for healing powers, they commonly have little value dollar wise. Hey, but you're creative, right? Who says you can't design a craft project of crystals for a local farmer's market and bring in some $$!  One thing not allowed at Crystal Park in Montana is tunneling. More rules are available on location or by calling 406-683-3900.

Make it an awesome bucket list adventure! It's definitely something that should be on your Big Sky Country TO DO list! Along the Pioneer Mountains you'll have the opportunity to find some very cool quartz crystals. Namaste to you...  Relax, lounge, search for crystals and have a picnic at Crystal Park. In fact, after a day like today, I'm ready for a trip to crystal haven! In nature, nothing is perfect and everything is perfect!

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