Considered to be one of the most haunted sites in Montana, the Clark Chateau in Butte will be at the center of a ghost hunt this coming Saturday night.

Bozeman Paranormal will be offering you a chance to be a ghost hunter for a night. The session will run from 6-9 pm at the Historic Clark Chateau, 321 W. Broadway. There is a limit of 25 spots available, and it is on a first come first served basis.

Bozeman paranormal is based in Bozeman Montana and is a historical ghost investigation team. During this event, you can learn how to be a ghost hunter. There will be discussions on how ghost hunts are conducted, as well as how to use the equipment, followed by a few hours of actual ghost hunting in the Chateau. They will also show evidence that has been gathered at the Clark Chateau of previous ghost encounters.

Bozeman Paranormal has run several investigations in Butte including several stops at the Clark Chateau, and the World Museum of Mining, both suspected paranormal hot spots in Butte.
The Chateau was featured on the Travel Channel’s series ‘Ghosts of Devil’s Perch’ Which, I assume, you can stream.

The Clark Chateau in uptown Butte has 4 floors, with 26 rooms, covering some 13,000 square feet. It was built in 1898 for $75,000 (aprox. 2.3 million dollars today) It was built originally by William A. Clark for his oldest son Charles.

The Montana State song was composed in its music room in 1910.

The Chateau changed hands several times from 1903 until 1915 when James Murray purchased it and opened the Butte College of Music, which operated from 1917-1919. The Murray family stayed in the Chateau until 1945. The Butte Shriners occupied the building from 1949- 1976 and used it as their Fez Club, hosting social events, wedding receptions, and other Shriners activities until the Silver Bow Centennial Committee purchased the building in 1977.

To put it lightly, this building has seen some … stuff.

The Ghost Hunt event is $10 a person and the proceeds will benefit Bozeman Paranormal, as well as the youth programs at the Clark Chateau.

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