Out of all the items to make a return to franchises in 2024, this was not on our bingo card.

After a long day or dinner, you want to treat yourself to a tasty dessert. Most folks will get a cookie or brownie, but most of us will get delicious ice cream.

Ice cream has many fantastic flavors and can be assembled in cones, bowls, or made into a milkshake for convenience. Ice cream is the perfect way to end a wonderful night or bring up your spirits after a long day.

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Montana has several high-profile ice cream shops that serve thousands of individuals or families daily. They offer something different to entice customers with limited flavors, deals, or locations.

One ice cream franchise announced massive news about a retro item returning to their locations soon.

Photo by Brook Lark via Unsplash
Photo by Brook Lark via Unsplash

Before we reveal the surprise news, here are the Best Montana Ice Cream Shops You Should Know.

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Dairy Queen Is Bringin Back An Old Favorite

Eat This, Not That reports the ice cream giant Dairy Queen will return their cherry-dipped ice cream cones soon.

Dairy Queen Payment Systems Breached By Hackers
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Dairy Queen is known for their exciting line of ice cream, milkshakes, and Blizzards, but the dipped cones have always been a timeless classic.

The cherry-dipped cone was taken away from Dairy Queen locations a year ago. After that decision, customers voiced their outrage and now it will make its return to menus.

Two-Story Dairy Queen The First To Open In Manhattan
Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Dairy Queen was one of the only places in Montana where you could get chocolate or cherry-dipped cones. The option was unique for customers and offered something different for folks to try with their favorite ice cream.

There is no word yet when Dairy Queen will return this option to menus, but we have to guess it will happen this Spring.

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