The Jordan World Circus returns to Butte Montana, Wednesday, April 12th.

The Jordan Circus is one of North America’s premier traveling circuses. It is owned and produced by Jody and Melanie Jordan of Las Vegas, Nevada. The traveling circus is making its way to Montana after a run of sold-out dates in Washington state.

The 90-minute show will be packed with a multitude of outstanding performers, from Aerialists to the much-loved elephants. There will be something for everyone, and everyone will come away with treasured memories.

The first circus performance in the United States is said to have occurred in Philadelphia, in 1793. The crowd was said to be 800-strong and included President George Washington. The circus was organized by John Bill Ricketts -who was a trick rider himself-, he brought together a troupe of clowns, an acrobat, a rope walker, and other equestrians to dazzle that crowd some 225 years ago, and not much has changed since then.

It's amazing to think of that first circus ‘lineup’, and how little has changed in 225 years.

Equestrian trick riders- Check
Clowns- Check (Granted they probably didn’t have 10 clowns falling out of a Volkswagen in 1793)
Acrobats – Check
Tightrope walkers- Check

A lot of things have changed through the decades, but what’s truly important hasn’t changed a bit in 225 years.

The Jordan World Circus is in Bozeman Today and Tomorrow, with two shows each day. (4 pm and 7 pm) you can purchase tickets HERE.

The Circus then makes its way to the Mining City on Wednesday, April 12th for a pair of shows at the Butte Civic Center, at 4 pm and 7 pm. You can get your tickets for either show HERE.

After Butte, the Jordan World Circus will head north to Great Falls for shows on Saturday, April 15th, and tickets can be found HERE.

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