Yeah, this is going to be a big night.  Of course, any time Monty Klistoff and NXT Gen Entertainment are behind the show, you know that things are going to get crazy.  Klistoff, as you probably remember, is the man behind the bare-knuckle boxing events that have kicked off the last 2 summers at their "Brawls and Kickstart Days" at the Butte Depot, Klistoff's indoor productions might even be more impressive.  The first Fight Kingdom event was impressive and exciting, the crowd was boisterous, and the lighting and sound practically made you feel as if you were on the Las Vegas Strip.  Saturday's is expected to be even better.

Fight Kingdom II gets underway at 7pm in the Butte Civic Center and of the card's 13 bouts, 6 are professional MMA contests and one is a title fight.  Yes, it's going to be good.  Here is the evening's fight card:

  • FIGHT 1 - Kody Tracy vs. Kao Calcetto
  • FIGHT 2 - Elizabeth Hansen vs. Stephanie Diguilo
  • FIGHT 3 - Ethan Wimmer vs. Zayden Clark
  • FIGHT 4 - Ty Curry vs. Jordan Santos
  • FIGHT 5 - Hunter Moore vs. Daniel Robert
  • FIGHT 6 - Danny Fossness vs. Andy Garcia
  • FIGHT 7 - Bryton Hardesty vs. Daniel Molina
  • FIGHT 8 - Erik Lopez vs. Jason Lopez -  PRO MMA
  • FIGHT 9 - Chandler Hall vs. Jacob Krietel - PRO MMA
  • FIGHT 10 - Kolby LeCoure vs. Nathan Lamere - PRO MMA
  • FIGHT 11 - Bryan Cromer vs. Brandon Little Coyote - PRO MMA
  • FIGHT 12 - Kelly Merrick vs. Anthony Curtiss - PRO MMA
  • FIGHT 13 - Andrew Huckeby vs. Kerry Lattimer  PRO MMA - WELTERWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP BOUT

If this card wasn't enough, the evening is also going to be used as part of a professional movie shoot for a feature film and they are looking for extras for the face-offs tonight at the Party Palace.

It's going to be a big night.  Get your tickets here.

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