With Valentine's fast approaching time to talk about mashing, making out, or whatever it's called these days. In a land far away... well, back in February of 1980, I should say; the terms "mashing and making out" were commonly used when it came time to gossip about who was pressing lips with who at the movie theater or drive-in. See, this is the type of behavior that took place back then because cell phones hadn't been invented yet. Kids in their bell bottoms or HASH jeans (fat tooth comb in their back pocket, no doubt) would make their way to the theater, buy tickets for a movie they didn't even plan to watch, then spend the whole time meandering around the theater with a bag of popcorn and Sno Cap candies in one hand and a watch or stopwatch in the other. Why? Well, in the hopes of being the one to determine just how long Susie and Joey made out ...and IF any french kissing was involved. Eww! (more juicy "make out" details below)

On top of that, If one of your friends didn't show up to school the following Monday with a hickey on their neck, they would find themselves on the back end of the "cool" list for the rest of the week. So now that that's been settled, what actual movies were playing when all of this went down? So even though you probably didn't care about it at the time, here's a look at top movies from February 1980 that were most likely on the big screen while your classmates were making out...or so I've been told: The Fog, starring Janet Leigh and Jamie Lee Curtis; Cruising starring Al Pacino; American Gigolo starring Richard Gere; Caligula starring Malcolm McDowell; and Saturn 3, starring Kirk DouglasFarrah Fawcett & Harvey KeitelHappy Valentine's Day! Oh, and remember to apply plenty of chapstick before the big movie from here on out. (wink!)

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