When it comes to Valentine's Day, the thought of traditional gift ideas and outings is a safe bet. I mean, you don't want your significant other to be bent out of shape if you decide to make a day designed for love birds TOO casual. So unless your sweetie is game for pizza and a movie next Tuesday, February 14th, it's best to stick to the following: gorgeous long-stem red roses, a heart-felt Valentine's card (and not one from your niece's school valentine box), a delicious display of chocolates, perfume, cologne, jewelry, an intimate dinner for two, and how about this?...a relaxing dip at your favorite hot springs! (see ideas for hot springs below!)

Boulder Hotsprings - This inviting and fun hot spring is only a 48-minute drive from Butte off I-15 near Boulder. Not only do they offer a soothing hot springs retreat but room accommodations. Check out your best option NOW to reserve a room for Valentine's Day. If the traditional date of Tuesday the 14th is a difficult time to get away from work and the kids, either celebrate Valentine's Day this coming weekend or next weekend at Boulder Hotsprings. Find out more about their facility by calling (406) 225-4339 or visiting their website here: BOULDER

Fairmont Hotsprings - Of course, located between Butte and Anaconda, there's the option to enjoy Fairmont's pools and hot springs. However, currently, you have to be an overnight guest at the hotel or possess a seasonal swim pass to utilize the hot spring. It's worth checking your options for rooms and relaxation at Fairmont's luxury resort this Valentine's Day by calling (406) 797-3241 or by visiting their website here: FAIRMONT (continued...)

Norris Hotsprings  - The atmosphere is super inviting at Norris. The only problem?... They're generally not open on Tuesdays, let alone for VDAY! So, again, you can test the waters with your sweetheart at Norris, but only Thursdays through Sundays from 10 am to 10 pm. Private parties by reservation are available Mondays and Wednesdays. Call (406) 685-3303 or find details online here: NORRIS 

Elkhorn Hotsprings - Closer to Dillon, this rustic getaway has provided guests with rejuvenating waters and a good night's rest since 1918. The experience at Elkhorn is worth the trip. To set up something special for your Valentine, call 406-834-3434 or 406-834-3551. OR visit their website here: ELKHORN (more hot springs below)

Renova Hotsprings is a primitive rock-bottomed spring on the Jefferson River. Renova is located at 599-681 Point of Rocks Road in Whitehall and is best suited for spring and summer outings. For the curious at heart, learn more here: RENOVA

Jackson Hotsprings - Located in Jackson, this excellent hot spot, so to speak, is open Thursdays through Sundays, 8 am to 11 pm. So yet, another hot spring that won't be open for Valentine's Day. However, you can still plan that special outing to Jackson Hotsprings with your sweetie this weekend or next weekend. This dip in the pool is only an hour and a half from Butte. Call or visit their website here: JACKSON

Pitosi Hotsprings in Pony, Montana, outside Twin Bridges, is currently closed to the public. Although Upper Pitosi is open year-round, it is safest to access the area between May and September. So yes, DO NOT get yourself or the love of your life in any predicament trying to get to a natural hot spring. Also closed indefinitely is Pipestone Hot Springs. Click MT HOTSPRINGS for an up-to-date list of hot springs across Montana. These awe-inspiring choices are perfect for Valentine's Day or any time of the year. So, it looks like someone's NOT sleeping on the couch tonight after all. Way to work it!

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